If we did HMO’s they’d probably be the best in the world

Posted: 30 March 2021

Actually we do. Here are a few photos from a recently completed luxury HMO project in London. Saying we do the best HMO’s in the world is probably pushing it a bit but we do try hard to make them really good. Some HMO clients prefer to concentrate on getting the most units per property but with this one we looked at creating larger units that incorporate high quality design and interiors as this is nicer for the occupants. This also generated a higher rent for each unit which gave a better Return on Investment with less risk.

Despite being based in Sheffield and the project located in London, we successfully worked remotely, regular communication was key to the success. As a Sheffield based business, we are often cheaper than our London competitors.

There was quite a lot of red tape to unravel as HMO’s are usually governed by the Environmental Health department of the Local Authority and their requirements are usually at odds with the Planning Department and also Building Regulations. It’s fair to say this particular project caused a few headaches, creative problem solving was needed to get the right approvals, at the right time.

Despite not being the best HMO’s in the world the end result looks very good [we like to think], where most units are fully independent. The client was aiming for a high quality boutique type of look and this is what has been achieved. All units were let out in record time as they were highly desirable and sought after.

You can find out more about the actual project by clicking here.

HMO stands for ‘Houses in Multiple Occupation’. An HMO is defined in law as a house or flat in which three or more unrelated persons forming two or more households share an amenity such as a bathroom, toilet or cooking facilities. Typical HMO’s are shared student houses or unrelated professionals sharing the same house.

Further information can be found on the government website by clicking here.

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