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Planning Permission is the process of controlling and managing the development of land and buildings. The purpose of this process is to save the best of our heritage and improve infrastructure which we depend on for a civilised existence.

Your local planning authority [usually the local council] is responsible for deciding whether a development, anything from an extension to a house to a new shopping centre, should go ahead. Essentially, the Planning legislation considers the effects that buildings and land use may have on local people and the environment. Planning ensures that the right development happens in the right place at the right time, benefitting communities and the economy. It plays a critical role in identifying what development is needed and where, what areas need to be protected or enhanced and in assessing whether proposed development is suitable.

A simplified summary of the Planning Permission process is:


Submit Planning Application


Notification and consultation with community and statutory consultees
[i.e. Highways, Environmental Health, etc.]


Determination of Application


[usually 8 weeks for smaller projects or 13 weeks for larger projects]


Option to appeal decision

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For straightforward projects a set of professional architectural drawings is all you should need and the decision can usually be made by the Planning Officers directly. For more complicated projects various supporting documents and surveys may be required and a decision may need to be referred to a planning committee. Planning Permission is not always required and is separate and different to the Building Regulations.

If you have any doubts or questions we always advise you check with your local Planning Authority or obtain professional advice / speak to us. Sometimes it is useful to obtain pre-application advice from a planning officer before starting work. This will prevent any problems at a later date and ensure you comply with the law. We have successfully obtained Planning Permission for a lot of projects, including unusual land uses, tricky Green Belt locations, Conservation Areas with Article 4 Directions and Listed Buildings.

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