Our Vision + Mission + Core Values

A bit more about our Vision + Mission + Core Values why they are super important

It’s better to make memories than make money.

Our Vision + Mission + Core Values are intended to help us by acting as a filter to help us make decisions about how we spend our time and energy. Our core values also help set our default standards that we wish all parts of our business to accomplish.

Essentially, our core values are what form our company culture. It’s about how we do what we do in the workplace. We desire to have positive company culture that inspires everyone to achieve their best.

Some of our methods of working may be innovative and progressive but our values are quite traditional and focussed on people and real-world relationships.

Our core values are different to our creative ability to solve problems and execute thoughtful architectural design. Our creative ability is a massive part of our identity and what we do by default as an architectural practice.

Our Vision + Mission + Core Values

We believe our Vision + Mission + Core Values are important and worth shouting about.

The over arching Vision + Mission are surrounded by our Core Values.

Our Core Values all centre on the Vision + Mission and help to deliver our Vision, time and again.

Architecture that people love

Our Vision + Mission + Values are summarised as ‘architecture that people love’

When all of these things come together they mean we are passionate about doing the right thing, all of the time, and excited to be at work. Whenever and wherever, that may be!

This is how we deliver architecture that people love and create a great place for people to thrive and work at.

These are our Vision + Mission + Values. We really hope you agree with them.

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1. Boldly different

1 : Boldly different

Being different is what we thrive on. Fitting in and being ordinary is boring.

Ordinary doesn’t stand out. Ordinary lacks individual style. Ordinary does what’s expected. Ordinary doesn’t challenge convention.

We want to rebel against some of the old-fashioned methods of how things have been done in the past.

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2. Client focussed

2 : Client focussed

Being helpful and amicable at the same time is at the core of what we do and how we do things. This can happen in different ways and can mean a lot of different things.

We see being focussed on Clients and their needs as an attitude thing, it’s just how we are. It’s about making things possible, plans to flow together.

The bottom-line benchmark is that it’s just simply about being nice to other people, and treating them as you would like to be treated.

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3. People + planet

3 : People + planet

We firmly believe that good architecture, can and should, make a positive contribution to our society and the environment.

We don’t work on projects for wealthy Clients only. We don’t have a minimum project value as we believe good architecture should be available for all people, regardless of budget.

We believe in The Climate Crisis and want to be part of the solution. This means designing and constructing amazing buildings that have a low impact on the planet.

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4. Striving for excellence

4 : Striving for excellence

We want to do our utmost best in everything we do and this shines through.

We are optimistic, curious, and inquisitive. We wish to find out new and better ways of doing things, new products and systems.

With a meticulous and obsessive attention to detail we attempt to foresee future problems and how to avoid them.

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5. Dedicated to equality

5 : Dedicated to equality

We believe in fostering relationships of mutual respect with all people. Essentially, it’s an attitude of just being nice to other people and putting them first.

We celebrate working with different people, from different backgrounds, skills and views. We know that having varied viewpoints helps create better ideas and better solutions.

Creating a culture of equality isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s also the intelligent thing to do.

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6. Positive relationships

6 : Positive relationships

We believe that life and work are good when based on positive, physical relationships with real people. We seek to establish and build positive relationships, inside and outside of work.

We work together as a united team, where we are all treated equally. We try to be humble. We want to foster relationships of mutual respect with shared goals.

We also understand that winning an argument is never as important as preserving and developing relationships and trusting each other.

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7. Ownership

7 : Ownership

Despite trying to get things right first time, sometimes we won’t. We don’t try to hide these or blame someone else. We own our mistakes.

We are accountable to each other. The leadership team are accountable to the rest of the team. The rest of the team are accountable to the leadership team.

We want to embrace constructive conflict resolution. Part of our identity is empowering employees to speak up and air their differences to anyone in the business, whether they are the boss or not.

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Our core values are the root values, approach and set of beliefs that form the basis of how we, as an organisation, and how our employees operate. They ultimately serve as the beacon or ‘guiding light’ that steers our company’s attitude, culture and behaviour, towards each other, internally and externally to Ikonografik Design.

If what we are saying resonates with you, we’d love to meet you and have a conversation…

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