Would you like us to help take away the pressure of the messy but important delivery of your project, on time + on budget ?

We don’t just offer a design and drawing service + obtain Planning Permission. We also offer a turnkey service where we take your project and run with it from the very start right until the end of building works, when it’s ready to be handed over. This means we help manage the construction delivery of your project with a good contractor – this is called our Advance Service.

15-001-Pro Services+Fire-Plan

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This includes:

  • Competitive tendering from reputable local contractors.
  • Design development after Planning Permission and Building Regulations.
  • Full cost control.
  • Administration of an industry standard Building Contract.
  • Site inspections and construction queries.
  • A certified paper trail of all changes along the way so there are no unexpected or uncomfortable surprises at the end.
  • Final accounts and hand over.

We also work with you to agree and produce drawings for electrics and lighting + colours and an interior design scheme.

Even after handover, if snags crop up along the way, we are on hand to help get these fixed without delay or extra cost.

This takes the hassle factor away from you, freeing up your time so you can concentrate on more important things like family or work during the day time. This will also save you money.

We have many satisfied clients who testify to the many benefits of the turnkey project management service. Mainly a fixed building price and cost control along the project journey + the project delivered on time and completed as expected.

For the avoidance of doubt, Project Management, in the context of our services, does not mean we will be attending site every day during construction, supervising the construction workforce and organising the individual sub-contractors or trades. Project Management means we will be managing your project, on your behalf, from the start of a basic idea through to basic sketch designs to detailed Planning Permission [if required] to obtaining estimates to contract administration to cost control to site inspections and assistance during construction to final handover and sign off.

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