If you’re in a good location but your building doesn’t have the right permissions, let us help you convert + change it to make everything perfect

Sometimes, if an existing building is in the best location but not being used or set up as you would like it, then converting the property is often worth considering. If an old building has been [badly] altered by the previous owners and you may also wish to faithfully reinstate the original use and features. For example, if you want to expand your business operations into another location then purchasing an old building and converting it into your preferred use is often a quicker and easier way of doing things.

Another example could be for a residential project where an old school, agricultural barn or industrial building is in a location where you would like to live and converting would create a wonderfully unique and quirky property with lots of interesting features.


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However, conversions and alteration projects are not always as straightforward as you may hope. Planning Permission often needs to be obtained for a Change of Use and the impact of the new building, on the surrounding neighbours and environment, needs to be properly assessed. Building Regulations compliance is usually required as well to ensure the new building use complies to the current regulations. It’s worth noting that the Building Regulations apply different criteria from Planning Permission as to what qualifies as a building conversion, so professional advice is always recommended.

With a wide range of building conversions successfully completed we have the expertise to help make your project a reality, including community consultations with neighbours to ensure they are happy with the proposed building use and changes.

Please bear in mind that work to an existing building often means a higher than expected cost for both the architectural work and also the building work. This is because the existing building places technical restraints on what you can or can’t do [structure, heights, space, drainage, access, etc.], this usually takes up more time to work out and install in comparison to a new build project without as many restrictions.

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