Shortlisted for international architectural design award

‘This is not a flashy building for wealthy clients. This is a humble building on a tight budget, serving and providing healthcare and social benefit to the local community.’ Super excited to be shortlisted for an international architectural design award. The Award is for Excellence in Architectural Technology [small to medium] category at the 2021 AT Awards. This is the

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How to secure better quality NHS funding for GP surgery healthcare projects

How do you secure better quality NHS funding for GP surgery healthcare projects? Imagine your doctors surgery, turn it upside down and give it a shake. All the bits of equipment and furniture that fall out are not funded by the NHS. i.e. non-fixed furniture and equipment etc. If you want to maximise your funding capacity from the NHS make

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New build dream house project in the greenbelt

Another day in the office looking at a new build dream house project in the greenbelt. Recently we were able to get out of the office to visit a possible new project site. This initial site visit was to assess the potential of the site, that is located in the greenbelt. The brief is for a new build house so

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Why are wonky steps on the Great Wall of China ?

I love buildings, I’m fascinated by them and the people and stories that make up a building. I’m lucky enough to have travelled to quite a few places where I’ve visited and experienced some really interesting buildings in my opinion. One building worth a mention is the Great Wall of China that I visited in 2012. Technically, on one hand

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Always check underground before starting work

Another day in the office. Always check underground before starting work. Recently we were assessing some existing foundations, before starting building work, with a Sheffield City Council Building Control Surveyor. The project involves building a first floor extension on top of an old single storey extension. We also had a look at the drains as well. Turns out they are

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If we did HMO’s they’d probably be the best in the world

Actually we do. Here are a few photos from a recently completed luxury HMO project in London. Saying we do the best HMO’s in the world is probably pushing it a bit but we do try hard to make them really good. Some HMO clients prefer to concentrate on getting the most units per property but with this one we

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What do you get for cheap fees?

At face value only our fees are probably not the cheapest out there. However, we feel our fees do provide significant value during an entire project duration. So, what do you get for cheap fees? What’s the alternative and what’s the benefit? Our designs and the attention to detail we provide, should save you time and money. We try to

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Milestone for our Client’s family home

A major milestone has been achieved for our Client’s luxury family home in the prestigious Broomhill conservation area in Sheffield. Planning Permission was recently approved a few days ago for this large house extension + luxury open plan Kitchen / Dining / Social space remodel. The Planning Application sailed through without any objections or trouble and Planning Permission was granted

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