How to keep your neighbours happy during building

First of all, try to get alongside your neighbours as early as possible and get them on your side. Involve them in discussions, talk to them, more importantly listen to them and act on their concerns. If you engage with your neighbours and ensure they are actively involved in the entire process, then it’s less likely they are going to

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Colour in culture – does this make a difference?

Historically, I think colours had a big role to play with individual identity, sometimes to make a statement, such as national flags, but often as a result of the only local materials available. I think this is sometimes referred to as vernacular architecture. Walls were often finished with coloured render or coloured limewash. Sometimes for decorative effect and sometimes as

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Modernising an old house in a conservation area

Some Work in Progress screenshots of a recent project we have started design work on, that involves extending and upgrading an old stone house, located in Broomhill Conservation Area, Sheffield. The existing house is quite a grand, old stone building that has not been upgraded for several decades so we are helping to make it fit for modern family life

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Lower pollution levels, from Covid-19, are saving lives

I did a voting poll on LinkedIn a few weeks ago where I asked, ‘Have more lives been saved, than lost, through Coronavirus events?’ The majority of people who responded said they thought that more lives had been lost through Coronavirus events. However, according to the Climate Psychology Alliance, ‘20 times more lives are being saved [unwittingly] due to pollution

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Colour in nature – practical uses that can help us

We often use colour for decorative or ornamental purposes but in biology colour has a huge practical use that doesn’t consider decoration or ornament. Plants often use colours in their leaves and flowers to directly communicate and attract insects and animals to ensure that they are pollinated and their seeds dispersed. Other plants often use colours to deter would be

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Coronavirus Update

Despite the unprecedented and strange times in which we are currently living, we are trying to continue as best we can. It is business as usual here at Ikonografik Design albeit we have had to adopt slightly different working practices in the short term. The knock-on effect has created quite a lot of disruption to our family and working life,

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Colours Help Guide – Part 1 – Basics

How do you feel about colour? Have a read of our help guide to find out more and to see how colours can be applied to buildings, architecture and design. Do you know how colours make you feel, the effect they can have and what can be evoked? Colours affect our moods and emotions. Click on the image below to

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Sketch design for new healthcare project

Some 3D images of the sketch design proposals we put together for a new reception area for a forward thinking, progressive healthcare provider. The brief was to provide something a bit different, that helps set patients at ease, that is akin to a boutique hotel reception, where patients ‘check in.’ We did the initial precedence research on Pinterest and created

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Timber frame vs. traditional masonry

Following the completion of a timber framed house, that we helped design, we have been reflecting on how quickly it was built. The basic waterproof shell was erected in just two weeks and this is a big house, about 320m² / 3450 sq. ft. As the timber frame is a pre-fabricated construction system made in a factory, the component pieces

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