Bespoke Professional Design Drawings  for German tanking specialist

Project Type: Commercial

Build cost: Not possible to ascertain as used for numerous projects nationwide

Location: Nationwide

Client: Heyen UK

Contractor: N / A

Status: Ongoing services provided

Fees: Bespoke Bolt-on Extras Package

Area cost: N / A

Heyen UK, the sole UK supplier of global construction waterproofing products manufacturer Heyen, needed professional design drawings to present to new and existing customers. We worked with Heyen UK to produce a large suite of easy to understand, technical design illustrations.

These drawings are used to explain general design principles to major organisations and smaller companies nationwide to ensure Heyen’s products are used properly and also to showcase Heyen’s product range and expertise.

Over 50 drawings have been produced to date and have been used on projects for major organisations such as British Telecom, Ikea and Network Rail.

Problems Solved:

Translating hand drawn sketches into professional, branded digital drawings + close communication to ensure the intention of each drawing was delivered

What our customers say

Nathan is very easy to work with and produces drawings…of the highest calibre.

“I engaged Nathan to carry out works and produce technical drawings and information under my directions. Nathan is very easy to work with and produces technical drawings and other materials that we have asked for of the highest calibre. In this last area we have had very positive feedback from the likes of Network Rail and the MOD together with other smaller customers who have commented on the ease at which they could understand what had been produced as a visual method statement. In short, I am happy to recommend Nathan to others and will continue to use his services.”

Tony Russell Ward, Technical Director, Heyen UK

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