What do you get for cheap fees?

Posted: 26 February 2021

At face value only our fees are probably not the cheapest out there. However, we feel our fees do provide significant value during an entire project duration. So, what do you get for cheap fees? What’s the alternative and what’s the benefit? Our designs and the attention to detail we provide, should save you time and money. We try to offer a service that makes the whole process of designing and constructing a building as hassle free for you as possible. We tend to spend a bit more time on the initial process, listening, trying to understand your problems and how we can help you fix them.

The three images on this post relate to what we are sometimes asked to quote against.

The 1st image is one of our projects, where we take pride in our work and try to create decent designs and images, that address the issues in hand.

The 2nd image is of a project where the drawings were quickly hand drawn by one of our competitors.

The 3rd image is also from one of our projects. Hopefully, you can see the difference in quality.

We don’t have any problems with quick [or slow] hand drawings and the final media used for presenting designs and ideas but we can’t compete against cheap fees offering the type of work identified.

If you want quick and cheap then we probably aren’t going to be a good fit.

If you need high quality design with some thought and consideration, clear drawings that are quick to understand and easy to build off, a digital VR model to use at your leisure and a flexible, ‘can do’ approach then we are probably going to be a good fit.

Part of our mission is ensuring all working drawing packages are absolutely nailed in the detail as we believe this makes things easier to cost + easier and quicker to build = cheaper and less hassle during the messy building works.

We can also obtain quotes for you and help manage the building work on site with a building contractor which will also save you a significant amount of time and stress.

So, while we may not be able to offer the cheapest fees we do try to provide a professional and high quality service + provides long term value + gives you a better return on the significant investment that you are making.

Example image of good quality architectural design
Example image of bad quality architectural design
Example image of good quality architectural design

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