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Posted: 12 April 2019

wind-millsIt’s National Mills Weekend from 11 – 12 May 2019. As this is just around the corner why not get involved and visit a local mill or perhaps further afield.

‘A fantastic opportunity for everyone to get inside their local windmill or watermill and explore their local industrial history. For mill owners it is also a chance to share our enthusiasm for these buildings and for traditional flour milling.’
Jonathan Cook, Chairman of the SPAB Mills Section, owner of Fosters Mill in Cambridgeshire

National Mills Weekend takes place across the UK every May, with more than 300 windmills and watermills opening their doors to the public. This annual festival of our milling heritage is the chance for everyone to explore their local mills. Participating mills include many not normally open to the public, with a range of special events and family-friendly activities.

Five mills local to the Sheffield area are:

  • Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet, S7 2QW
  • Bedgreave New Watermill, S26 5PQ
  • Shepherd Wheel Workshop, S11 2YE
  • Worsborough Watermill, S70 5LJ
  • Wortley Top Forge, S35 7DN

If you want to find out about a local mill that you can visit near to where you are based check out the SPAB mill search website here:


SPAB = The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings. SPAB is a well-respected organisation originally established by William Morris in 1877 to counteract the highly destructive ‘restoration’ of medieval buildings being practised by many Victorian architects. Today it is the largest, oldest and most technically expert national pressure group fighting to save old buildings from decay, demolition and damage.

To help with our understanding of old buildings and how best to look after them we attend SPAB training events. This is voluntary and we pay for the expert training. This keeps us bang up to date with best practice, new ways of working and technology.

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