Lower pollution levels, from Covid-19, are saving lives

Posted: 29 June 2020

I did a voting poll on LinkedIn a few weeks ago where I asked, ‘Have more lives been saved, than lost, through Coronavirus events?’

The majority of people who responded said they thought that more lives had been lost through Coronavirus events.

However, according to the Climate Psychology Alliance, ‘20 times more lives are being saved [unwittingly] due to pollution reductions caused by the global “war” on Covid-19 than the number of lives lost to the virus? Moreover, European areas of worst air pollution have the highest Covid deaths.’

Which is staggering.

The poll was fairly close though, so I think that a lot of people do get it.

While I do recognise the sad and nasty effects of Coronavirus, the knock-on effects are not as clear cut as they may seem. Indirectly, more lives may have been saved which is surely a good thing. I think this makes for some sobering and interesting reading. Hopefully, this unfortunate wake-up call will challenge us all to do more to help reduce emissions and pollution, directly and indirectly.

This stuff actually saves peoples lives. It’s not just about helping the planet, lower running costs or more comfortable environments, it’s about saving lives.

If you are interested, links to the full articles are below.



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