Results from our finalist project at the AT Awards

Posted: 27 October 2021

After one of our projects was shortlisted for a global architectural award I took a day trip out down to London. To attend the award ceremony and to find out the results from our finalist project at the AT Awards.Ikongrafik Design at Finals of the AT AwardsThe awards are called the AT Awards, hosted by the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists and took place at Kennington Film Studios where the event was filmed live. Celebrating Architectural Technology at its best, the AT Awards are recognised as the premier accolades, nationally and internationally, that demonstrate outstanding achievement in the discipline.

Looking back on things it does seem a bit unexpected really, never thought we’d be shortlisted for an architectural award. 10 years ago, during 2011, I was made redundant twice during the ‘credit crunch’ recession and decided to take a risk and start up on my own. It’s been proper hard graft and I’ve learnt so much, still learning too. A bit surprised to be honest but also exciting!

Assessment is based upon the innovative application of Architectural Technology against set criteria for each Award. Judges look for robust and functional designs that are:

– constructed economically;

– environmentally sustainable; and

– of durable performance.

So, we didn’t win the award in the end, which does feel a bit disappointing. Well done to the winners, obviously they were stronger candidates. In all honesty, when I saw who we were up against I was surprised we made the shortlist at all. Despite not winning, impressed to have made it to the shortlist. Maybe another time…

If you are interested, you can watch a recording of the award here.

The photo is of me accepting my commendation as a runner up at the awards event. Never one to take things too seriously I couldn’t help joking around! Despite not winning the award I didn’t go away empty handed.

I think the guy on the right is a bit famous and on the telly but I’ve never heard of him as I don’t watch much tv. I think he presents Watchdog and Rogue Traders.

Results from our finalist project for the AT Awards

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