New build dream house project in the greenbelt

Posted: 28 June 2021

Another day in the office looking at a new build dream house project in the greenbelt. Recently we were able to get out of the office to visit a possible new project site. This initial site visit was to assess the potential of the site, that is located in the greenbelt. The brief is for a new build house so quite exciting.

As you would expect being in the greenbelt it’s a lovely location with fantastic views.  However, as it’s in the greenbelt obtaining Planning Permission is going to be quite difficult as there are restrictions in place to control the building of new homes in the greenbelt. I suspect it will probably have to be a Paragraph 80 house, so it’ll have to be something special of high-quality architecture for sure.

Instead of diving straight in and providing a quote for our services I suggested an initial appraisal is conducted with a planning consultant to assess the likelihood of Planning Permission success. There’s no point wasting the customers time or getting them all excited if it turns out the project is not feasible at an early stage. Despite this it seems there might be a case to support the building of a new dwelling, so fingers crossed for this one.

With the rise of remote working, I don’t think it is always necessary to visit a project location in person to provide a quote, but it does help. It all depends on the project and the circumstances.

However, with a project such as this, I feel it’s absolutely essential to visit the site to better understand the unique setting + surroundings + restrictions + access + work out what needs to be the primary focus. This will help create a much better and informed design, which should provide new build dream house project in the greenbelt.

If this is a goer it won’t be easy, it will be a slow and long journey but has the potential to be outstanding when finished.

Watch this space for future updates. 😀

I took a little video on the site while there, you can see it on YouTube by clicking here.

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