Modernising an old house in a conservation area

Posted: 23 July 2020

Some Work in Progress screenshots of a recent project we have started design work on, that involves extending and upgrading an old stone house, located in Broomhill Conservation Area, Sheffield. The existing house is quite a grand, old stone building that has not been upgraded for several decades so we are helping to make it fit for modern family life in the 21st century. High quality natural materials are proposed such as split stone walling + timber framed windows and doors + natural slate roofing + underfloor heating + a handmade timber Kitchen + bespoke timber furniture.

There are some gorgeous period details that we hope to be able to complement.

This particular conservation area has an Article 4 Direction applied which means that even the most minor of alterations need Planning Permission, this generally means that most properties in this neighbourhood have high architectural merit worth retaining and controlling, within reason. We are trying to reflect this with the simple and sympathetic design.

Now going through the iterative design process and updating the design to suit the Client’s preferences. Also, trying to lose the obstructive column in the middle of the Kitchen as well!

Cost is a constraint that needs to be managed as there is a maximum ceiling valuation for properties in the area. There is no point spending over the odds if the total project amount [purchase + building works] exceeeds the maximum value that the house will be worth.

We first looked at this property during the Summer of 2019 and told the clients there would be a long lead time before we could start work. They were happy with this and have waited over six months to work with us, which is amazing. Hopefully, there is good reason for this and also means they will get a good service from us, as we aren’t rushed when completing our work.

Hope you like it, please watch out for future updates.


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