Helping things to be built correctly

Posted: 28 February 2024

Wet, but worth it

On a recent site visit (one of the steps to ensure things are built correctly), we enjoyed the best of the British weather, in other words, it was freezing cold and wet! But hey, a new project in Sheffield S10 has started properly on site, and it’s a pretty interesting one, so that made up for the disappointing weather.

An important get-together

The main purpose of the site visit was to have a meeting with the client, builder, and a bunch of engineers (one for the structure, one for keeping water out). We discussed a big retaining wall [about 10 metres long in 10 different sections] designed to support the neighbour’s building with the changing ground levels. What’s more, the tanking specialist had to figure out how to stop the garage from turning into a swimming pool with all that groundwater around.

This is how we like to do things, get everyone together before the work starts, review the design and what the basic functions are and agree the simplest way of achieving the requirements. We find it solves a lot of trouble in the long term! 

Built correctly

Here’s a picture of what the back of the project will look like when it’s done. As always, we’ll keep you updated on how it goes over the next few months.

We’re sure it should be amazing to see it finished! 


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