Happy builders

Posted: 19 February 2019

Our customers don’t just love working with us, but contractors do too!

Recently, some contractors who we have started working with have said they love our approach to getting projects built on site and want to work with us again.

Mainly because all of our construction information packs are fully complete with all the associated details included and coordinated.

We are often on site to inspect the work, answer questions, talk through any issues and to make sure the design intent is understood before it’s built. If we are not on site to answer questions we always answer our phone and help out that way instead.

If certain systems need further co-ordination during construction we also sort this as well, such as underfloor heating or custom made glazing.

This approach generally means things fit in as they should first time and all goes really smoothly without any issues. This makes the contractors lives easier and the construction timescale quicker.

People are literally queuing up to work with us.

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