Doctors surgery providing healthcare to the community

Posted: 18 May 2019

Ikonografik-News-May-2019-New-Doctors-Surgery-Project3D views of a new doctors surgery project in Bedfordshire, near Milton Keynes. The Planning Application was submitted a few days ago.

The project involves an overhaul and conversion of two existing buildings to create:

  • Additional 4 clinical rooms.
  • Larger, enhanced main reception, waiting area and interview room.
  • Open plan office for 10 staff.
  • Meeting room for at least 10 people.
  • Managers office.
  • Staff room.
  • Patient record store.
  • The brief included creating a ’boutique hotel’ type of main entrance / reception / waiting area to create a nicer user experience. We are also hoping to be able to help calm anxious visitors with biophilic design principles.

Three initial options were presented for consideration. We were originally asked to prepare two options based on client preferences but we didn’t think these options solved the problems that needed to be dealt with. Therefore, we redesigned part of the building into a much efficient and more pleasant space to use and presented this as a last, third option. Our last option was the best one, as it solved the problems and this was selected. This is now being developed into the detail design. This is part of our pro-active service where we look at ways of solving problems along the way and is also a part of the iterative design process where we heavily involve the clients to ensure the best design and end result.

Please look out for future updates.

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