Look! Look! Look! Contemporary timber framed folly

Posted: 24 October 2020

Look! Look! Look! is a pink pavilion in the walled garden at the Georgian mansion Berrington Hall. It was part of the National Trust programme Trust New Art, launched to introduce more contemporary arts into their heritage sites to reflect the increasing diversity of their audiences.

Created by artists Heather Peak and Ivan Morison of Studio Morison which is a collaborative practice that transcends the divisions between art, architecture and theatre.

The artists wanted to create a contemporary version of the follies or “eye-catchers” that often featured in 18th and 19th century landscaping.

Studio Morison first designed the structure using origami, and then worked with structural engineers Artura to bring the design to life.

The pair created an eight-metre-tall by eight-metre-wide pavilion. The metal foundation and timber structure is encased in a pink shell, the body of which appears to have been folded into shape.

The dusty pink finish of the structure is achieved from a white waft and a red weave, which stands out against its green surroundings, and is made from a coated fibreglass fabric engineered by UK company Mermet.

The structure is made of 90 sections and assembled like a jigsaw, with the semi-translucent fabric then pulled over and fixed to each rhomboid, and assembled on site in the walled garden, ultimately taking around six months to construct.

The pavilion won the Wood Awards Small Project Winner 2018.

Loving this. Not sure if it’s still in place, if so we suggest you try visit it soon.


Architect / designers = Studio Morison

Year Completed = 2018

Photography = don’t know, obtained from http://www.morison.info

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