If your building is large enough but the rooms aren’t in the positions you want them in or the property doesn’t suit how you want to use the building [i.e. the previous owners may have butchered the building] or you are lacking extra facilities then it might be worth considering a remodel. When we are employed to help with remodels we will first listen and understand how you want to use the building [or rooms], what your priorities are [space, toilets, security, etc.], assess what basic functions are required and then work out a way to provide this by reconfiguring and moving things around.
We want you to enjoy using your building in a logical, efficient and free flowing manner, so each space or room, logically moves onto the next associated activity. This means clearly defined zones and uses are established. This often means looking at things creatively or approaching things differently to provide the best solution. Sometimes these modifications are relatively straight forward or sometimes they can be a major piece of building work.
Things that can be done include:
  • Walls can be removed.
  • Windows and doors inserted.
  • New rooms introduced where previously it was thought impossible.
  • Extra facilities incorporated.
  • Traffic flow of users redirected into a more obvious route.
Full remodel of house in Dronfield - before photo of small dark kitchen Full remodel of house in Dronfield to create larger kitchen, extra dining and extra bedrooms and bathrooms Full remodel of house in Dronfield - after photo of large, light and airy kitchen


We have plenty of experience of re-modelling existing buildings to create extra space or facilities, sometimes as part of a larger extension or conversion project. A lot of our clients are often surprised at the extra space our reconfigurations create, often by thinking outside of the box and flipping things around where not considered before. If you have a project in mind where you need some creative input to help change things around, please get in touch for a chat.

Please bear in mind that work to an existing building often means a higher than expected cost for both the architectural work and also the building work. This is because the existing building places technical restraints on what you can or can’t do [structure, heights, drainage, access, etc.], this usually takes up more time to work out and install in comparison to a new build project without as many restrictions.

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