Rushing things can cost more money

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We were in Manchester a few days ago at a remedial works pre-start meeting following a failed hard landscaping installation. We were employed by the client as an Expert Witness after it became apparent the expensive porcelain slabs were not draining water away from the building.

As part of our report we checked the gradients of the slabs, see the site photo. For an installation of this type the paving should have been laid to minimum fall of 1:60 or about a 1 degree slope. The failed install had been laid to average of 0.2 degrees slope which meant rainwater didn't drain away but rather stayed put and created a mini-lido effect.

The contractor is now reluctantly taking up the failed installation and relaying it to the correct fall. This is mainly because the materials and companies involved were major players and offered a guarantee if using an approved installer.

Rushing a job and doing things incorrectly can often backfire as doing it twice is usually more expensive than doing it once and doing it properly.

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