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Following completion of an epic two-year project for Ben’s Centre [that was initially expected to take a few weeks] we attended the opening event last week to recognise the milestone achievement.

The local press also showed an interest and they published an article in the local paper, the Sheffield Star, where we received a mention for leading the project and managing from start to finish. What is striking about the newspaper piece is that the photos don’t focus on the finished project, mainly photos of people. People who use the building and for whom this project is making a difference, both socially and practically. This reaffirms our belief that buildings are for people and can make a positive difference if designed and built properly, no matter how small * the project may be. We also believe good quality architectural design should be available for the benefit of everyone, not just people who can afford the design fees of an architectural practice and who understand the benefit and value we bring.

Good design works. We will keep on trying to make a difference.

Ben's Centre, Sheffield - opening ceremony after building worksBen's Centre, Sheffield - after - shiny new kitchenBen's Centre - before - old tired kitchen

* This project cost about £80, 000 all in, so not that small in value really...

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