What is involved with a typical project

1] Initial meeting
  • Following your enquiry an informal meeting is arranged, free of charge, usually at the project address, to discuss and understand your ideas and requirements.
  • Your quote is then prepared.
  • Once your quote is accepted a set of written agreement documents are prepared and signed before starting work. These documents also clearly identify your fees and an anticipated timescale for the design and construction.
2] Survey
  • A measured survey of your site or existing building is organised to capture an accurate 'snapshot in time' of what is there before any building work is started to establish any constraints.
3] Concept Designs
  • Your first set of preliminary design proposals / drawings are issued for review. This may include several options to consider.
4] Review and adjust
  • Your preliminary design proposals are then adjusted until a satisfactory overall design is agreed and signed off.
  • Depending upon the complexity of the project this design can be used for initial discussions with the Local Planning Authority.
5] Council approvals
  • Formal Planning Permission is applied for your project, if required.
  • After Planning Permission is hopefully approved the next stage would be to obtain Building Regulations consent. The Building Regulations are statutory and they set minimum requirements for the design and construction of buildings to ensure the health and safety of end users.
  • Sometimes other approvals are required and we can review these on an individual basis.
6] Pricing *
  • Following Building Regulations approval for your project the design is developed further and competitive prices usually obtained from reputable builders. There are other ways to obtain prices and this can be agreed on a project specific basis.
  • Once prices are obtained the appointment of the most suitable builder [not always the cheapest] is formalised with an industry standard construction contract.
7] Construction *
  • Construction commences and the project is managed with the builder until satisfactory completion.
  • We will ensure cost is controlled and a certified paper trail is kept that records all changes and payments.
8] After construction *
  • Before your building is ready to be occupied a small manual is sometimes produced that provides guidance on how the building operates and should be maintained. This is similar to a user manual that you are provided with when you purchase a new car or television.
  • You move in and enjoy your new building or extension etc.
  • Even after completion we will continue to work with you and the builder to ensure any problems that arise are rectified to your satisfaction.

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