Magic Mushroom Insulation

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Well not quite magical but definitely for real.

Insulation made of mycelium, the vegetative part of a mushroom, is a relatively new insulation material I’ve only recently heard of. Apparently, it has superior insulation qualities, is naturally self-extinguishing, feeds off waste while it grows, and purifies the air once in place.

Mycelium insulation blocks are made by letting the fungus feed on a substrate such as sawdust and grow into a shaped mould. Filaments fuse together quickly and the growth can be stopped when the substance is dried, creating a rigid material that can be sanded and painted.

I think the technology has been around for over ten years and may have started in the USA but I think low impact, biological / organic insulation materials will gain market traction over the next ten years so watch out for some interesting developments.

A UK company who is producing and researching on mushroom insulation is Biohm. They are also doing some other interesting things with buildings and biological building systems so worth checking them out.

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