King Edwards School, Sheffield – STEM Careers Day

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A few weeks ago I completed my annual trip down to a local school to help out with their STEM careers day. STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. I was interrogated by the students and asked questions about what I did each day, what is the difference was between a Chartered Architectural Technologist and an Architect, what grades I needed to get into college, what was the best bit about my job, what hours did I work, how old was I when I chose architecture for a career, am I stuck behind a desk all day and…

A refreshing change with challenging sets of questions that kept me on my toes and made me reassess why it is that I do what I do. Essentially it’s because I love drawing, solving problems and meeting people. All of these come into play in architecture but the people bit is the part that makes it all really work out in end.

One of my recurring replies was that your job choice shouldn’t be based on money but that it’s far better to find a job you are interested in and enjoy. Hopefully, the students found it useful and inspirational.


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