Info on how we cost our jobs + the different service packages. Everything is transparent.

Each project is different. We will provide you with a bespoke Cost. Initial design consultations are now chargeable but this small cost is deducted if you employ us for the work.

We will spend more time on your project than some of our competitors. We always produce extremely detailed + thorough designs + drawings. We endeavour to solve your problems creatively + get things right first time. We aim to offer a top-quality service with regular + clear communication. Your best interests are also our best interests.

We can’t compete on price alone at face value, but we believe our approach offers significant long-term value + benefit to you, the customer, throughout the life of your project. This means your designs are as unique as you are. Everything will be clear + easy to understand, will be priced accurately + your project easier to build with less errors + late changes on site = less hassle + less time overall.

All quotes are issued in writing, usually within one week of initial discussions. As we are not VAT registered this helps you keep your costs down.

We provide two packages for our services along with additional ‘bolt on extras’ if you wish to pick + mix between the different services. These packages are:

basic-iconBasic Package

Fixed fee for design and drawing service only

  • Good value for money option if you are familiar with the construction process.
  • Please note – initial design consultations are now chargeable but this small cost is deducted if you employ us for the work.
  • Fees can start from as little as several hundred pounds for simple and straightforward projects.
  • Basic drawings, including technical design and mini-specification only provided, enough for a competent builder to work from.
  • Technical design means developing the initial concept into a set of working drawings that can be used for costing and construction.
  • Includes preparation and submission of Planning and Building Regulations packages to local authorities.
  • Black and white 2D drawings only.
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advance-iconAdvance Package

Variable percentage rate fee for design and full project management, in conjunction with a reputable local builder

  • Best value for money option as this should save you time, money and stress in the long run.
  • Please note – initial design consultations are now chargeable but this small cost is deducted if you employ us for the work.
  • Fees typically vary from 4-15% of the total construction cost, depending upon building type, complexity and size of project. A higher construction cost may generate a lower percentage fee. A smaller construction cost may generate a higher percentage fee. Percentage rate fees are based on the amount of time it is estimated to complete the services and also help to accommodate project scope changes without having to renegotiate the fee. This is because the amount of architectural work required is usually proportionate to the amount of building work.
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If you’re bouncing around ideas…

… or if you’re ready to start your project or anything in between — please click the ‘Let’s talk’ button, send us a quick message and we’ll get back in touch soon to arrange your design consultation.

bolt-onBolt on Extras

Customisable services to suit your budget

  • Bespoke drawing services. Usually used by specialist sub-contractors to provide high quality, professional product or system drawings and construction / fabrication drawings.
  • Quick speculative digital sketches to help you establish if you wish to proceed with a fully designed project.
  • Colour and 3D images – useful for complex projects.
  • Extra design options to provide you with alternatives so you can decide on the best one before a final scheme is agreed.
  • Digital 3D model of your project, that you can walk around to help visualise the forms, spaces and sizes. Free 3D model viewer included. Available for iPad and most other devices.
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