Deceptively big new build house planning success

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Really pleased to have recently achieved Planning Permission for a new build house in Derbyshire, to be built primarily from ICF [Insulated Concrete Formwork]. About 322m² / 3465 sq. ft. so another big one.
The frontage facing the public road is purposefully kept relatively small and discreet but the rear part of the house extends back for quite a long way to create a decent suite of rooms that are all generously sized. Traditional appearance with fairly traditional materials such as render, oak framing and stone [look alike] slates.
New build house in Derbyshire by Ikonografik Design
It was quite a journey to achieve Planning Permission. The original Planning Application was submitted in July 2019 but several amendments were required to satisfy the Planning Officers concerns. Despite having to change the design, the client’s requirements have still been achieved and we understand they are very pleased with the final result.
Now proceeding with the full structural design including extensive site investigations to minimise construction risks.
Please keep an eye out for future updates.
New build house in Derbyshire by Ikonografik Design

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