Building Regulations

► Building Regulations are separate and additional to Planning Permission.
► The origins of the Building Regulations date back as far as 1666 when the Great Fire of London destroyed much of London and the Great Plague spread infection. Following these catastrophes legislation was put into place to try and prevent these occurring again. This legislation is now known as the Building Regulations. As well as fire safety the Building Regulations now incorporate other areas such as structural stability, thermal performance, disabled person access, resistance to moisture, ventilation, stairs and falls from height, acoustic performance, etc.  At this stage the technical design is worked up much more clearly to ensure the above issues are thought through and resolved appropriately.
► Usually completed in two stages. First stage - the design is prepared and co-ordinated; drawings and documents are produced to identify everything that needs to be looked at. This is then checked over in the offfice by a Building Control Surveyor and a Plans Approval Certificate / letter issued. Second stage - site visits are made at agreed intervals during construction [such as foundations, drainage, structure, electrics, etc.] and the Building Control Surveyor will physically inspect the work as it progresses to ensure it is being built as the approved plans. Once all the work has been built correctly a final Building Regulations Compliance Certificate is issued that states the work has been carried out properly.
► The Building Regulation compliance duties were traditionally carried out by the local authority but an alternative is to use a private company instead. These companies are called Approved Inspectors and they are authorised by the government to carry out Building Regulation duties.
► We can organise and co-ordinate your project to ensure full Building Regulations compliance, saving you time and money and also stress.

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