Bens Centre Starts on Site [at last!]

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Almost two years ago we posted a News article about the start of a relatively small but worthwhile project at Ben's Centre.

Since then the project has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride with plenty of downs and at times not many ups. A major up has been the project finally starting on site with a view to completion in a couple of months time. Some of the downs were that the project needed two Listed Building Consents and Full Planning Permission when initially it was expected to need none. A tricky fire safety strategy and snakey ventilation duct all complicated the project as well [and currently continue to do so!]. The project cost then came in above budget so major savings had to be made to keep the project economically feasible.

There have been many people and organisations who have helped make this possible to date by donating free time, free professional services, free building materials, free kitchens and free artwork. Watch this space to see what happens when a good team all pull together to help the local community with a job done properly.

Interim thanks to:
Ben's Centre, North Church Sreet, Sheffield - Building Work, metal stud dry lining


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