Another Listed Building project about to start on site

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Little update on a project that has been dormant for about two years. Back in 2016 we successfully obtained Listed Building Consent for a loft conversion to a Grade II listed house, which is part of a terrace block, located in the Hanover Conservation Area of Sheffield.

Quite interesting as we had to do a little Heritage Statement to accompany the Listed Building Consent application where it was discovered the building was probably developed as a set of dwellings for middle class families living near the city centre during the peak of the Sheffield steel making industry. The style is Georgian with relatively elaborate detailing and ornamentation in places while exhibiting high quality construction and craftsmanship. The building was converted into offices in c1977 but was successfully converted back into residential use in 1997 and has been used as housing since then.

As the project is about to start on site during the next few weeks we had to produce detailed design drawings of the stairs that need prior approval by the council before this part of the work starts.  The drawings are needed to show the stair construction details and ensure it is in keeping with the traditional construction and appearance of stairs that would have originally been crafted in c1850.

Grade II Listed building in Hanover Conservation Area, Sheffield, UK - project to start on site + stair details

A sensitive ‘low impact’ design approach was used where all works are contained within the building envelope with minor external alterations by way of discreet ‘conservation’ roof windows only that mimic traditional roof glazing. Several initially desired roof windows had to be removed as part of the Listed Building Consent negotiations with Sheffield City Council Conservation Team.

To help the building comply with the fire safety requirements of the Building Regulations any fire safety separation upgrading will probably be completed by using special fire rated painted coatings over the existing building interior [doors, partitions and ceilings etc.] so the interior essentially remains intact with minor alterations only thus retaining the historic fabric.

Listed buildings and heritage projects are really interesting to work on but take up a lot effort as the amount of time required to achieve the council approvals is often longer than for other buildings dating from the 20th century onwards. If you have a listed building or heritage project that you would like to extend or alter please get in touch so you can tap into our expertise and knowledge of how to do things properly while obtaining the necessary council approvals.

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