Advance Package

Percentage rate fee for design and full project management, in conjunction with a reputable local builder
► Best value for money option as this should save you time, money and stress in the long run.
► Fees typically vary from 4-15% of the total construction cost, depending upon building type, complexity and size of project. A higher construction cost may generate a lower percentage fee. A smaller construction cost may generate a higher percentage fee. Percentage rate fees are based on the amount of time it is estimated to complete the services and also help to accommodate project scope changes without having to renegotiate the fee. This is because the amount of architectural work required is usually proportionate to the amount of building work.
► Hybrid fee sometimes used - fixed fee or hourly rate in conjunction with a percentage rate. Fixed fee or hourly rate may be used for initial concept design work + a percentage rate for the technical design + an hourly rate for project management work during construction.
► Fully detailed, comprehensive set of drawings and specification.
► Colour images in 2D and 3D to assist with visualisation.
► Usually two or three design options to help provide you with alternatives before a final scheme is agreed.
► More opportunity for design changes.
► Email-able digital 3D model of your project to walk around to help visualise the forms, spaces and sizes. Free 3D model viewer included.
► Includes organising quotes and co-ordinating other professionals, such as Engineers, Surveyors and other specialists etc.
► Includes for Party Wall Act notices and assistance, including appointment of a Party Wall Surveyor if required. More information on the Party Wall Act can be found here.
► Establish short list of local reputable builders and obtain prices [tenders] for the project.
► Appointment of builder and use of industry standard building contract.
► Management and control of costs.
► Certified paper trail / records kept of all changes and payments.
► Site inspections and site meetings.
► Minimum involvement from you until the project is completed.


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